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Request a Change

If you have a formal request for change to make, please go to this link:

Request for Change

See existing Requests for Change (RFCs)

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The change management process

The complete process for governing and managing the Adaptive Service Model (ASM) can be found here: Governance and management of the ASM

The following schematic diagram illustrates the key activities of the change management process for the Adaptive Service Model (ASM).

The Change Request Process

The steps in this change management process schematic diagram are explained in a bit more detail:

The Current Version of the ASM is published to the taking service forward (TSF) Wiki website. Discussion on possible future changes will be encouraged in many different forums, including the TSF wiki (Sandpit), Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

When any discussion on a particular change reaches consensus, the participants will be encouraged to submit a formal change request via the wiki. Formal change requests will only be accepted via the TSF wiki website, from registered TSF members.

A formal change request is logged on change request log within the TSF Wiki website, using the change request system.

The change request log will be reviewed periodically by the TSF governance team. This will lead to one of three outcomes:

  • Voted: the change request will be put out to a vote of all current voting members of TSF.
  • Rejected: with a reason and justification, if there are very sound reasons which are non-controversial.
  • Accepted: if the change is simple and obvious.

If rejected either directly or as a result of member voting, the change request log will be updated containing details of all decisions, justifications and reasons for them. These will be accessible via the TSF wiki.

If accepted the work package for the change be created and assigned to an individual or group to be implemented. Changes will be incorporated into the model as soon as practical. It is not anticipated that multiple changes will be bundled into a single release unless there are good reasons (such as dependencies between the changes).

The work package is completed and validated with a new version of the relevant ASM artefact(s) being created.

The new version of the ASM artefact(s) are published on the TSF Wiki website

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