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The current version of the Adaptive Service model is described in a descriptive document and a high level diagram:

The Adaptive Service Model itself is envisioned to consist of three levels:

  • A meta model. Specifies generic classes of entities (e.g. service, relationship, agreement, capability, process, actor, role, plan, information, etc.), their properties and their direct and derived relations
  • A detailed model. Specifies specific entities and relations (e.g. specific processes such as Incident Management, specific roles such as Service Level Manager, etc.) for some or all of the classes of entities in the meta model
  • An ontology. Defines the detailed protocol of interoperability, i.e. interfaces or exchange formats between the entities in the detailed model. (e.g. detailed message format for incident exchange)

The meta model

The current version of the meta model level comprises two simple artifacts:

Meta Model

Block Diagram

The detailed model

To be defined

The ontology

To be defined

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