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RFC NameDescriptionChange StatusRFC DateReview Date
Peter.Brooks 12022014 RFCAdd worked examplesNew2 December 20145 February 2015
Peter.Brooks 26062014 RFCAdd the sub-entities 'Physical'
'Cultural' environments and the catch-all 'External Factors' to Environment
New26 June 20145 February 2015

RFC NameDescriptionChange StatusRFC DateReview Date
Colin.Rudd 11062014 RFCA suggestion for an alternative definition of the term service outcomeAccepted11 June 201429 June 2014
Peter Brooks 20092014 RFCThe Code of Conduct for Taking Service ForwardAccepted20 September 20145 October 2014
Chrnis 5062014 RFCChanges to key service elementsAccepted5 June 201420 June 2014
Colin.Rudd 6072014 RFCAdoption of a code of conduct for members of TSFAccepted6 July 201416 July 2014
RFC NameDescriptionChange StatusRFC DateReview Date
Johann Botha 2022015 RFCBased on the discussion of resources and capabilities on LinkedIn and later between Robert Falkowitz
Johann Botha and Christian F. Nissen a number of updates to the existing ASM meta model are proposed.
Implemented2 February 201524 February 2015
Stuart.Rance 05052015 RFCProposed new rule for appointing TSF voting membersImplemented5 May 20155 May 2015