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Taking Service Forward (TSF)

The Roadmap For The Future


This document provides a high level roadmap for the future activities of the Taking Services Forward (TSF) initiative.

The vision of the TSF is:

To provide the service community with an Adaptive Service Model (ASM) that is open to all, contributed to by anyone interested, and that furthers the aims of evolving the service community at large, by taking services forward in its evolution

The rest of this document provides a brief overview and introduction to the TSF roadmap for the development of the ASM. The TSF Roadmap The overview of the roadmap is shown in the following diagram. The months and years at the top of the diagram are indicative of the proposed timescale for the development of the architecture.

Title=Figure 1:  The TSF high level roadmap

The first draft version of the meta-model will be produced by the members of the founding group of TSF. This meta-model will be used as the basis of engagement with other interested parties.

Whilst this initial draft meta-model is being produced the TSF initiative will engage with other communities and stakeholders, operating within the service industry marketplace. This first version of the architecture will be published on an openly available website, for general review, comment and feedback, once an on-line repository has been created, with an automated system for processing comments and feedback from the ‘crowdsourcing’ activity. It is planned that the first version of the meta-model (Level 1) will be publically published for comment in January 2014. This Level 1 version will contain a set of classes (such as processes, roles and skills) and their relationships. There will then be a six month window for crowdsourcing and service community feedback, during the first and second quarters of 2014.

It is planned that a second version of the architecture including the detailed model (Level 2) will be publically published for comment in July 2014. This Level 2 version will contain entities (such as specific roles, specific skills and specific information resources, used in the management of services) and their relationships. There will then be a six month window for crowdsourcing and community feedback on this version of the architecture, during the third and fourth quarters of 2014.

Once all of the feedback has been processed and analysed, the architecture will be reviewed and revised based on the analysis of the feedback. The revised version of the architecture will then be used to derive a supporting ontology for the architecture. It is hoped that this ontology will be completed and published by January 2015.

Future versions of the architecture and ontology will be developed based on the needs of the industry and the level of feedback received from the service community.