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The Service Groups

This is the discussion for ecosystem and governance

This working group has not, thus far, been working.. We need to get some movement as this is an important part of the adaptive service model.

The practical plan is to get discussion going and look for volunteers to help with suggestions in social media groups.


Prepare and initiate a discussion on governmental and other environmental entities (actors etc.) based on the discussion on the wiki. The discussion may include relations between more services and service systems.

Topics (Work in Progress)

The Adaptive Service Model and:

- Environment - Governance - Entities within Environment & Governance - Relationships with services & service systems

The Adaptive Service Model - from the perspective of the Governing Body

Governing Body

Possible Step Forward

Using the relationships 'govern' and 'isGoverned'

Governing Body Relationships:400px

This Working Group is updating the pages

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Service ecosystem + Governance

Group Leader

Peter Brooks Leader::Peter Brooks